Dolls & Bears Dolls By Brand, Company, Character Blythe
Blythe Doll clothes and hat lot! 
Pullip Nana-chan Nanachan cat fashion doll Groove in USA
OOAK Custom Blythe Doll by Mia Hong
Blythe Doll clothes and ear muffs lot! 
Factory Type Neo Blythe Brown Hair with Outfit OR Stand
Vintage RARE 1968 Kamar "Gigi Jones" Salad Hat Pre-Blythe Big Eyed Doll - Japan
American Girls Aren't Radical Anymore
Since the company was bought ... In 2008, historical dolls that were previously considered core to the brand were "archived," the doll term for "going to a nice farm." Samantha, Kirsten and the headstrong colonial character, Felicity, are no longer sold ...
DreamWorks Animation Acquires IP For Trolls With Plans To Take Iconic Dolls' Brand (And Hair) To New Heights
She helped grow the American Girl brand into a household name and by bringing this expertise to Trolls she will introduce these characters to legions of new ... couldn't have imagined that the Troll dolls would soon become one of the biggest toy crazes ...
Madame Alexander doll company marks 90th year
“I’ve had the dolls in my store a little over 20 years,” says Mary Jo Montgomery, owner of Victoria’s Doll House in Plano. “It’s a brand everybody ... the occasion, the company has introduced limited-edition doll characters from those films.
DreamWorks Animation Acquires Troll Dolls IP
DreamWorks Animation is getting into troll dolls ... company in Denmark tried to reinvent it around 2005 under the name Trollz but it never caught on. Now they have sold the rights to DreamWorks Animation, which has been developing brands ...
How Mattel is Ruining American Girl Dolls
If you’re a daughter of the 80s or 90s, the American Girl line of dolls, accessories and books is probably near and dear to your heart. Founded in 1986, the brand initially explored historical characters ... Now the company’s identity feels as smooth ...
Factory Middie Type Blythe Doll - Light Blue and Green Mix Hair / Dark Eyes
Takara Neo Blythe Sunshine Holiday Doll Stock Box - US Seller
Lot of Blythe Doll Stands, Dresses, Purses and More
Factory Blythe Doll
Blythe Doll 3 Piece Pants Set By MissBlythe2012 On Etsy, New, Nice, HTF,Cute
Takara First Edition Hollywood Blythe Doll/2001
Blythe Doll 2 Necklaces, By ArtEmis On Etsy, Skull & Bunny, New, Sweet, Cute
Big Lot - Neo Blythe Stock & Designer Clothes - w/ NRFB Outfits - Over 30 Items!
Blythe Doll Dress By OpheliaDress On Etsy, New, Awesome, OOAK. Rare,HTF
Gorgeous Ooak Custom Blythe by Rainfable - Takara Simply Vanilla base doll
Bouganville custom EBL Blythe - US only
Precious Miema Christmas Dress For Blythe
Lot of Blythe Doll Stands, Dresses and More
OOAK Customized Blythe Doll - Carly
PULLIP DAL Stock Outfit Costume Clothing - Partial - Pre-Owned - Kinda Steampunk
Blythe Doll Sugarbabylove 5 Piece Gold Crown Set, New, Nice, SoldOut,Rare,HTF
Tirin & Katten dress, Ltd Ed LaLatroop Sheep hat for Blythe, so CUTE MUST SEE !!
Blythe Doll Retro Knitten Dress By SweetPetiteShoppe On Etsy, New, Sweet,Cute
BHC Blythe Princess Outfit Set
Blythe ADG Lounging Lovely Doll. 2007. Used.
Precious Miema Christmas Tree Dress For Blythe
Official Neo Blythe Dress Set - Apple Sweet Angel - NRFB Takara Outfit - RARE!
Rare WHITE Dr Martin Boots Momoko Doc Martens Blythe Boots
Sweet Holiday Outfits For Blythe
Blythe Punkaholic Nude Doll Only
Blythe Doll Crochet Dress Set By ArtEmis On Etsy, New, Nice, Rare,Mohair,HTF
BlytheAdore Etsy Designer Blythe Fake Face Plate Licca Body Eye Chips OOAK Doll
Gorgeous blouse and corset by Squeaky Monkey. Fits Neo Blythe Doll.
Atelier CAKAU dress, SWEET DAYS teddy hat for Blythe, so CUTE, MUST SEE !!
Blythe Doll 5-piece Set By Sugarbabylove, Very Cute!
OOAK Custom Blythe by Chantilly Lace
Custom Blythe Ooak by: Pomme D’Amour Dolls / FRANCE 🇫🇷
Neo Blythe Night Flower Doll, Original Takara
Blythe Doll Rose Ballet Skirt By AnnieDollz On Etsy, New, Sweet, Petal Pink
Blythe Set Jack Skelling Outfit By Dolly Molly Gothic Takara Doll Pure Neemo
Petite Blythe Bohemian Beat I Takara 2002 NEW IN BOX MINT
Blythe Doll Plastic Fashion Dress, Vintage, Rare Sailor Fabric, New, Rare, Sweet
Neo Blythe doll Can Can Cat
Cute Miema Shirt For Pullip Taeyang
Heart Shaped Sunglasses From Stock Neo Blythe Wendy Weekender
Neo Blythe Doll Chocolat nude
ooak custom blythe doll new from artist with outfits 
Lot Of Blythe Outifts Silk, Kimono Style Sets For Neo Blythe Doll
MARSHMALLOW HOUSE dress, SWEET DAYS kitty hat and shoes for Blythe, so CUTE !!
Blythe TAKARA Purple
Sakura Miku Pullip Sakuramiku P-122 by Groove
Blythe “BATC” Kitty Pink dress Takara Doll Pure Neemo
Tan Licca Monchhichi Doll In Box With Stock For Blythe Customizing - US Seller
2004 Petite Blythe Shop Limited Edition PBL-32 Sailing Sailing New In Box
Blythe Ear muffs And gloves Takara Doll Pure Neemo
Takara Neo Blythe Ebony Doll Stock Box - US Seller
Vintage Francie Twist N Turn Doll #1170 Blonde #1
Blythe Doll Baby Blue Dress By CHatcher3 On Etsy, New, Nice, OOAK, PureSilk
!SALE! ~ Prima Dolly BLYTHE Doll WINSOME WILLOW ~ US Seller
Pullip Akemi - partial stock, s obitsu, leekeworld wig
Blythe Skull Hat Helmet OOAK Takara Doll Pure Neemo Gothic
Blythe Licca Ruruko Sugar Mag 2 Piece Outfit ONLY
Blythe Pullip Dal Doll 12" Size Misc clothes Shirt Overall Hat Corset Socks Lot
Lot Of Two Dresses For Neo Blythe Doll, Cat Kitten Print
Sale! Blythe Custom Doll ~Honeydollscustom~
Blythe Doll 5-piece Set By Sugarbabylove, Very Cute!
Petite Blythe Dolls - Connie Corneille and Ivanka Corneille - NRFB - USA Seller
Factory Type Neo Blythe Doll Pink, Purple, Blue Mix Hair - With Outfit OR Stand
Custom Factory Neo Blythe OOAK Snail Handmade
Precious Miema Holiday Dress For Blythe
Lot Of Two Dresses For Neo Blythe Doll, Cat Kitten Print, One By Plastic Fashion
Pullip Alura Gothic Circus dolly Japan Groove fashion doll in USA
OOAK Custom Factory Blythe Doll One Of A Kind Customized Purple Violet Hair Girl
Blythe Doll Clothing Lot, Victorian Style Piece Set, Very Rare
Kenner Takara Neo Blythe Doll Boot Shoe lot
Blythe “Poonchaya” Monster Hat/Helmet Takara Doll Pure Neemo
Vintage Kenner 1972 Blythe doll w Case Wig Glasses extra Original Clothes
Factory Middie Type Blythe Doll - Light Blonde Hair - Jointed Body
Rare Takara - Kaiyodo Blythe Belle Dolls - Velvet Minuet
OOAK Faceplate Only For Custom Blythe Doll Build By Spooky Kids Workshop Cheryl
blythe doll factory 12” boy include clothing,if you dont pay,please don’t bid
Factory 12" Neo Blythe RBL Movable Joints SUPER Black Skin doll Bald + hands NEW
Blythe Clothing & Shoes Lot
Sleepforever owl dress fits 12" Blythe dolls
Blythe/Skipper Doll Clothes Easter Basket Print Dress w/Button
Pullip Kaguya Luna Moon Princess Lover Sailor Moon anime doll Groove in USA
15th Anniversary Angelic Pretty Pullip Marie Groove lolita fashion doll in USA
Blythe Tiny Fang Monster Hat Takara Doll Pure Neemo
Blythe Clothing Lot
Pullip Romantic Alice Monochrome Premium fashion doll Groove in USA
2005 Takara Blythe Petite 4th Anniversary Cinema Princess New In Box
Ooak custom Blythe Art doll
Hasbro The World of Love Vintage Blythe Skipper Doll Block Mod Retro Dress ONLY
Blythe Doll Jolly Snowtime Mohair Hat & Snowman Friend Set
2005 Takara Blythe Petite Peppy Panda Garden NEW IN BOX
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(Vicarious) Rackage: Valley of the Dolls on Beverly, Plus Re-Ment Event
The Blythe dolls wear groovy clothes and stare at you with their very real looking eyes. Add some Gloomy Bears, miniatures, and Japanese plushies and you have found a toy heaven." See, "very real looking eyes," a little creepy! But, we digress...
This sale is for a vintage, 1972 Kenner Blythe doll. She is wearing her original ... There does not appear to be any discoloration on the head or body that is common with these dolls. The legs and arms have a few spots that are a little dirty but may ...
Walking, talking, living doll collector (From East London and West Essex Guardian Series)
The year was 1986 and Susan Brewer had just finished exhibiting at The Barbican when she received the call. “It was the Palace,“ she says, in a quiet voice. “I had crafted dolls for a nativity scene and Charles and Diana had seen them. They liked ...
Teddy Bear&Doll&BBCComedy
In past days I wanted to make a video using this song, and, when I found the photo of one of these dolls *the one at 1:18* I fell in love *o* So I decided to mix images of these beautiful dolls with this beautiful song. However, I cut the last part of the ...
Book leads to Blythe doll resurgence
Today's newest amazing prices are for Blythe dolls, first made in Hong Kong by Kenner in 1972. There were four versions of the doll. Each had a big head and large eyes that changed color. They only sold for a year in the United States. Some slightly ...
LAist Goes Shopping: The Valley of the Dolls
The Blythe dolls wear groovy clothes and stare at you with their very real looking eyes. Add some Gloomy Bears, miniatures, and Japanese plushies and you have found a toy heaven. LAist asked store owner Scot Reyes about designing toys, opening a store in ...