Dolls & Bears Dolls By Brand, Company, Character Mattel Corolle
Corolle Les Cheries 13” Inch Afro American Doll Cecile Designed In France
Corolle Les Cheries 13” Inch Doll With Black Curly Wig Designed In France
Very good used condition COROLLE Les Cheries Doll brown hair blue eyes, outfit
Corolle Les Cheries Capucine Asian Doll Made In France Doll 13" RETIRED & RARE
Corolle Les Cheries Fashion Doll Camille - NEW IN BOX
COROLLE Made In France 14.4 Inch 36 Cm Baby-Doll Sleep Eyes
❤CLEO 13,5 "Paola Reina Doll 34 см~body 2018
2013 Miss Corolle Les Cheries Ballerina 13” Vinyl Doll
Corolle Tidoo Baby Doll w/ pacifer
❤CHRISTY 13,5 "Paola Reina Doll 34 см~body 2018
Vintage Doll 1993 COROLLE 20" France Nautical Hat Toddler Blonde Green Eyes
Paola Reina DOLL, Las Amigas ,CHRISTY, 13.5" doll, 34cm~2018~single copy
2002,COROLLE, LES MINI 20cm/8”
Corolle Les Cheries Doll Clothes & Doll Mega Lot 5 Dolls w 2 Les Cheries & Mini
Corolle Les Cheries 13” Inch Doll With Short Boy Brown Wig Designed In France
15” Nude Corolle Baby Toddler Doll
Corolle 12 inch Soft Baby
MALI 13,5 "Paola Reina Doll 34cm~body 2018
Beautiful Vintage COROLLE FRANCE 20" Dark Skin DOLL Lmt Ed. 7/200
Corolle Les Cheries 13” Inch Redhead Doll Clara 2003 Designed In France
 Corolle Marie Lavande Doll - in perfect condition and in original box
Paola Reina DOLL, Las Amigas ,MANIKA, 13.5" doll, 34cm~2018~single copy
Corolle baby doll 12" sleepy eyes, late 1980s
Vintage Doll Lot 1990 Mattel COROLLE 20" Toddler Raspberry Kids 17" Baby ITALY
2005 Mattell Corolle Tidoo Baby Doll Blue Sleepy Eyes Duck Float .... So CUTE!!!
French crafted... 14" vinyl COROLLE Irresistible Play/Display DOLL
Corolle Corolline Toddler Doll 11 IN Catherine Refarbert Made in France NIB
My Mini Pink Dressing - Doll Clothes by Corolle (FBM69) NEW in box
Paola Reina DOLL Las Amigas~ NORA~ 13" doll 34cm NEW body 2018
❤ CHRISTY 13,5 "Paola Reina Doll 34 см~body 2018 
Set of handmade clothes~PRINCESS~3pcs~for dolls Paola Reina~Jolina~Corolle
Carolle Poupon Baby Doll Bean Filled 12" Tall Pajamas Included
🍒 🍒Paola Reina DOLL Las Amigas~ LIU~ 13.5 doll 34cm NEW body 2018❤ 🍒
Vintage 1981 Corolle / France 17 Inch Vinyl And Cloth Doll
2001 Corolle Doll Camille Les Cheries
Precious Corolle doll - baby boy dressed in blue romper
NEW Ruffle Dress handmade to fit Corolle Les Cheries 13 inch Lilac w/white Bow
Les Cheries Corolle 14" Doll Blonde Hair Blue Eyes in Corolle
Paola Reina DOLLS, Las Amigas ~blondes twins~ 13.5 doll, 34cm~dress+shoes
Doll Manica from Paola Reina, Spain. 34 cm/13.5" New body 2018
*Mali* Paola Reina, Las Amigas 13” ( 32 cm ) doll with outfit, 14766. NEW!
14" Corelle Baby Calin
❤ 🍒Emily 13 inch Doll by Antonio Juan Dolls 33cm NEW
❤CARLA 13,5 "Paola Reina Doll 34 см~body 2018❤
Corolle Baby Doll Les Minis Calin Stars Skirt Outfit Clothing 8"
Corolle Baby Doll Carrier Bed 13'' Pink Teddy Bear Pattern
Corolle Doll France Florence Catherine Refabert NIB NRFB 1990 Vinyl 15 IN
❤ LIU + MANICA 13,5"~Paola Reina Doll~ 34 см~body 2018 ❤
Corolle Les Mini Corolline - 1997 #10493 Coffret Ballerine - Brand New
MALI 13,5 "Paola Reina Doll 34cm~body 2018
Corolle Asian Baby Doll Black Hair Floral Shirt Red Pants 8" Collectible Toy
Corolle Les Minis 8 Inch Doll
Vintage 1981 Corolle / France 17 Inch Vinyl And Cloth Doll
Paola Reina DOLL, Super long hair ,MANICA, 13.5" doll, 34cm,NEW body 2018
 Corolle Hair Styling Doll Head SPAIN. BEAUTY!
❤CLEO 13,5 "Paola Reina Doll 34 см~body 2018❤
CHRISTY 13,5 "Paola Reina Doll 34 см~body 2018
Corolle Collection- Catherine Refabert- Bebe Blond 1992 Made in France
Fits 12" Corolle Mon Premier Bebe doll clothes dump truck Pajamas 2 pc
COROLLE BABY DOLL original OUTFIT ONLY little rabbits
2008 Corolle 12" Baby Doll & Bottle---Bean Bag Body Filling & Sleepy Close Eyes
Corolle Doll Babi Corolle Miss Pink Cotton Flower Soft Doll
CAROL 13,5" Paola Reina Doll 34 см~body 2018
Corolle 14 inch Mon BB Classiques Baby Doll Girl -Read
Corolle Les Cheries Pink Ballerina Blonde Doll
Corolle Mini Calin 8" Inch Christmas Doll & Clothes Outfit
Corolle 8 Inch Mademioselle Doll Redhead Mini Corolline
Paola Reina DOLL Las Amigas~ Christie~ 13.5" doll 34cm NEW body 2018
Outfit for Paola Reina doll
Set shoes of handmade ~LEATHER BOOTS~ for dolls Paola Reina 13.5 "~6cm~
20" Beautiful Corolle Doll
Corolle Mon Premier Baby Girl Blue Eyes 12 Inch GUC
Set shoes of handmade ~SNEAKERS❤ 🍒~ for dolls Paola Reina 13.5 "~6cm~
Corolle Mademoiselle Vanilla Blonde Doll - made in Spain
❤CARLA 13,5 "Paola Reina Doll 34 см~body 2018
1989 Catherine Refabert Aurelia 21 Corolle Doll Blue Dress BEAUTIFUL FACE!!
Corolle Doll France Paul Baby Boy Catherine Refabert NIB NRFB 1991 Vinyl 14 IN
1993 COROLLE Doll, 17 IN, Holiday Dress & Coat, Made in France
Corolle Russian Girl Douchka 1987 21 IN Catherine Refabert France NIB Rare
Paola Reina Las Amigas Carla 13" doll, 14813
Corolle Baby Boy Vinyl Catherine Refabert French Artist Anatomically Correct 14"
Corolle S.A. Les Minis Mini Calin Lucie and Sissi dolls Three outfits Dolls NIB
Corolle DOLL 14" MADEMOISELLE COQUETTE REDHEAD Fashion Doll Boots NEW Box France
Mademoiselle COROLLE Paris Party 17" Toddler Doll Designed in France NIB
Mattel Corolle Dolls - Lot of 3 - Baby Bebe - Blue Plaid - Infant Bear
Corolle Collectiom- Catherine Refabert- Russia Katioucha Doll
COROLLE BABIPOUCE Pink & White Stripe Velour Baby Doll Soft Body Cloth
Vintage 1987 Limited Edition Signed Corolle Catherine Refabert Doll Wood Box
Corolle Collection- Cathetine Refabert- Clarisse Rosebud Doll
Corolle DOLL 8" LES MINIS - France - Blonde Blue Eyes NEW NIB
Corolle Baby Doll Catherine Refabert France Marie 11 Inch - L@@K!!!
1988 Catherine Refabert 17" Corolle Alexandrine Doll 88/55a RARE!
Mademoiselle Corolle Vanilla Blonde 14" Toddler Doll Poupee Made in Spain NIB
NEW! Corolle 14 inch Mon BB Classiques Dodo Baby Doll New without Box!
Corolle doll 22" brunette
17" Corolle Doll 94-17-V14G Madamoiselle Madeleine
Vintage Corolle Doll
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Holiday Toys for Little Girls and Boys
Care Bears are just as adorable now as they were back in the ... The original is back, proving that Park Avenue is always for sale. CorolleAward winning Corolle Dolls are quality dolls that little girls can grow with. With different lines of dolls for ...
Pretty Persuasion
Corolle dolls also sell well at The Bowerbird of Old Lyme ... the Rosy Cheeks velour baby dolls with sweet, embroidered faces from N.A. Bear; and Manhattan Toy's Baby Stella and Cuddle Dolls, which are similarly soft and embroidered.
Dolls for boys??
And he LOVES pushing his teddy bear to the park! Can you sew at all ... 90% of their lives totally naked though. Re: cheap plastic dolls. Even though we have the lovely part plastic Corolle, DS1 truly prefers his $10 Target bath baby (that we never ...
What A Doll! Toy Show Attracts Collectors With Differing Tastes.
B.J. Owens of Fort Lauderdale bought Victor, a 14-inch Corolle collector doll, at the Dolls, Toys, and Teddy Bears Show at the Florida Expo Center in Margate. The show, held Saturday and Sunday, featured antique toys, model cars and trucks, miniature teddy ...
Which doll to buy?
I noticed in that thread before Christmas that the reason a lot of the LOs preferred Corolle dolls was that the Waldorf ... When he turned 2 last year, I got my DS a Rosy Cheeks doll by North American Bear Company. It is the exact same doll that PBK ...
Ageless Wonder
No matter what your age, when you walk into K.C.`s Dolls and Bears in Lake Forest, years melt away. The shop, with its beautiful array of collectibles, is a childhood fantasy come true. Here mohair Steiffs, Muffy Bears, Gotz and Corolle baby ...