Dolls & Bears Dolls Art Dolls-OOAK OOAK Artist Supplies
M00830 MOREZMORE Mix 2 3 4 5 6 mm White Porcelain Balls Eyeballs Eyes Doll T20A
M01176 MOREZMORE HPA 34 Ball Joint M2 Screw 6 mm Head Stop-Motion Armature T20A
M00283 MOREZMORE Sculpey Polymer Clay Push Mold Tool INFANT BABY DOLL T20
M00262 MOREZMORE Angelina Fantasy Film OPAL FIRE BLUE Heat Bondable 10' T20A
M00476 MOREZMORE Polymer Clay Pottery Sculpting Dragon Fish Scale Tool T20A
M00489 MOREZMORE Finger Ring Paint Palette for Nail Art of Mini Detail Work T20
Dance review: New Zealand's Black Grace offers compelling story of shifting cultural identity
One of the great things about the White Bird Dance series is how it regularly brings companies from around the world to Portland, expanding our conversation about global contemporary art. It continued ... are weightless dolls whose identities ...
Enesco and Billy the Artist Are Helping Those Impacted by Superstorm Sandy
Billy the Artist, Department 56 Villages, Gund Teddy Bears, Jim Shore's Disney Traditions, The Grinch, Disney, Peanuts, Dr. Seuss, Snowbabies, Possible Dreams, Sesame Street, Boyd's Bears, Ugly Dolls and many others. Enesco distributes its ...
Local artist featured at Valdese Heritage Arts
VALDESE, NC — German-born artist Kuni Roberts is February’s featured ... Robert’s inventory at VHAC includes various dolls and doll clothing, stuffed bears, decorative pillows and shams, table runners, hair wear, crocheted doilies ...
Countdown to 'Guys and Dolls' in the South Bronx, Part 3
In case you missed them, here are Part 1 and Part 2 of our 100-day countdown to opening night of last week's performance of "Guys and Dolls" in the South Bronx ... in the transformational power of making art with young people, obstacles be damned.
Miss Iwate to make rare showing at Birmingham Public Library on Feb. 21 (video)
"There was one from each prefecture and major city in Japan," said Haruyo Miyagawa, head of arts, literature and sports ... Library to have one of the dolls sent here." But Miss Iwate, whose name bears that of Iwate Prefecture in northeastern ...
M00227 MOREZMORE Fresh Amaco Rub 'n Buff PEWTER Wax Metallic Finish UC T20
M00772 MOREZMORE Cernit 500 gr SKIN FLESH Professional Doll Polymer Clay T20
M01335 MOREZMORE HPA 50 Metric M2 Stainless Steel Hex Nuts T20
M00046 MOREZMORE Kemper Johnston 3-in-1 Polymer Clay Doll Sculpting Tool T20
M00149 MOREZMORE 1 lb Prosculpt LIGHT FAIRY FLESH Doll Sculp Polymer Clay
M00218 MOREZMORE Angelina Fantasy Film CRYSTAL AURORA BOREALIS Heat 10' T20A
M01203 MOREZMORE 10 Clear 6 mm Glass Dome Round Lens Cabochon Doll Eyes T20A
M00307 MOREZMORE Angelina Fantasy Film 19 COLORS Sample Pack Heat Bondable
M00324 MOREZMORE Glass Eyes 4mm 1:6 1/6 Scale BLUE 4 mm Miniature. Doll T20
M01006 MOREZMORE Scotch 3M Adhesive Mounting Putty BJD Eye Beige 2 oz T20
M01244 MOREZMORE 4 Unfinished Wood Spindle Baluster for Miniature Furniture A60
M01066 MOREZMORE 6 Small Mini Extension Tension Springs 4x20 mm BJD Doll T20A
M00832 MOREZMORE Mueller Pre-wrap Doll Body Wrap THIN STRETCH Soft Foam T20
M01255 MOREZMORE Flexible Ball Socket Armature Kit 1/8" Doll Bear Lock-Line T20A
M00863 MOREZMORE Doll Glass Small Eyes SECONDS 6mm 6 MM LIGHT BLUE Mini A60
M00688 MOREZMORE HPA 24 Steel Compression Joint Plates Stop-Motion Armature T20A
M01349x5 MOREZMORE HPA 50 Threaded 6 mm Stainless Steel Balls M2 Half Thread
M00947 MOREZMORE Glass Eyes 6mm 6 mm GREEN GREY Doll Miniature. A60
M00767 MOREZMORE HPA 30 GA Cotton Wire Hand Finger Armature Doll Sculpting T20A
M00669 MOREZMORE SECONDS Miniature Glass Eyes 4mm LIGHT GREY Small Tiny T20
M01205 MOREZMORE 10 Clear 10 mm Glass Dome Round Lens Cabochon Doll Eyes A60
M01258 MOREZMORE 64 Piece Ball Socket Flexible Armature 1/8" Doll Bear Lock-Line
M00398 MOREZMORE Angelina Fantasy Film CRYSTALS 4 Color Sample Pack OOAK T20A
M00160 MOREZMORE 5 Lock-It Nuts for Sculpting Wire Armature Doll T20A
M01314 MOREZMORE Doll Glass Small Eyes SECONDS 6mm 6 MM DARK BLUE Mini T20
M00284 MOREZMORE Sculpey Polymer Clay Push Mold WOMAN MERMAID DOLL T20
M00126 MOREZMORE 8 Ball Stylus Polymer Clay Doll Sculpting Tools 0.5-4.0 mm T20
M01379 MOREZMORE 10 Clear Acrylic Dome 3mm Round Lens Cabochon Doll Eyes T20
M01014 MOREZMORE BJD Glass Eyes 6mm BROWN Oval Flat Back Small Tiny Doll T20
M00384 MOREZMORE Polyform Sculpey Translucent Liquid Polymer Clay TLS T20
M01204 MOREZMORE 10 Clear 8 mm Glass Dome Round Lens Cabochon Doll Eyes T20
M00014 MOREZMORE HPA 1 Trial Joint Kit Ball Socket Stop-Motion Armature T20A
M00631 MOREZMORE Get a Grip Armature Handle Sculpting Tool OOAK Doll T20
M00642 MOREZMORE Circle Bead Sizer Round Hole Template Diameter Ruler Tool T20
M00761 MOREZMORE HPA 32 GA Cotton Wire Hand Finger Armature Doll Sculpting T20
M01099 MOREZMORE 10 Mini Small 12 mm S-Hooks BJD Doll Spring-Hook Assembly T20
M00276 MOREZMORE Fresh Amaco Rub 'n Buff EBONY BLACK Wax Finish UC T20A
M00637 MOREZMORE Glass Eyes SECONDS 4mm 1:6 1/6 Scale BROWN Small Miniature T20
M01098 MOREZMORE 10 Mini Small 8 mm S-Hooks BJD Doll Spring-Hook Assembly T20A
M00172-oz MOREZMORE Genesis Heat-Set Paint FLESH 08 1 oz Doll Baby Reborn
D00290 Large Abalone Chips,Shells,Rocks,Stones/OOAK,Jewelry,Cards,Floral,Crafts
M00879 MOREZMORE 1 lb Super Sculpey Medium Blend Sculpt Model Polymer Clay T20A
M00662 MOREZMORE Kemper Mini Wire Loop Stylus Polymer Clay Sculpting Tool T20
M00106 MOREZMORE Angelina Fantasy Film SUGAR PLUM PURPLE Heat Bondable 10' T20
M00994 MOREZMORE Glass Eyes 6mm 6 mm DARK BLUE Doll Small Mini Miniature. A60
Dollmore OOAK BJD Gold HAIR ROOTING TOOL - Ver.M (1mm)
M00409 MOREZMORE Angelina Fantasy Fusible Film 6 Color Sample Pack Wings T20
M00529 MOREZMORE Kemper Gold Pen LARGE Fluid Writer Liquid Metallic Pysanka T20A
M00425 MOREZMORE Angelina Fantasy Fusible Film 6 Color Sample Pack OOAK T20
M00383 MOREZMORE 1 lb Living Doll LIGHT Polymer Clay Super Sculpey T20A
M00308 MOREZMORE 4 Steel Clay Pottery Sculpting Detail Tools Spatula Stylus A60
M00590 MOREZMORE 1 Mini Clay Doll Head Stand Scupt Paint Wig Small 1:6 A60
M01222 MOREZMORE 3 Miniature Sculpting Detail Clay Mini Micro Tools Spatulas T20
Apoxie Sculpt two-part epoxy multiuse modeling clay self-hardening 4 lb.Natural
M00017 MOREZMORE AMC 3mm Fingernail Sculpting Tool Miniature Clay Doll A60
M00147 MOREZMORE Multi Bin Holder Tool Brush Organizer Caddy Pen Stand T20
M00393 MOREZMORE Mini Calipers Compass Needle Divider Clay Sculping Tool T20
M00421 MOREZMORE 3 Mini Micro Razor Model Hobby Saw Blades + Handle Tool T20
M00599 MOREZMORE 6 Kemper Wire Sculpting Clay Tools W21 W22 W23 W24 W25 W26 T20
M00162 MOREZMORE Polyform Sculpey Air-Dry Polymer Clay Finish Glaze GLOSS T20A
M01235 MOREZMORE 64 Piece Ball Socket Flexible Armature 3/32" Doll Bear A60
M00217 MOREZMORE Doll Glass Eyes SECONDS 6mm 6 MM GREEN GREY A60
M00031x3 MOREZMORE 3 lb Prosculpt BEIGE CAUCASIAN Professional Doll Polymer Clay
M00829 MOREZMORE Small 4mm Eyelashes BLACK OOAK Polymer Clay Doll Baby T20A
M00396 MOREZMORE Angelina Fantasy Film BLUES 4 Color Sample Pack OOAK T20
Tongue- Vibrator for Women-Clit Stimulator Massager Flirt Rotating Soft Silicone
M00668 MOREZMORE SECONDS Miniature Glass Eyes 5mm BROWN Small 5 mm A60
Weathering Brushes 8mm - Sponge for Oxide, Mud, Aging Effects - Paint Pigment
M00467 MOREZMORE Kemper Clay Lift Set of 2 Sculpting Pottery Spoon Tools T20
M00178 MOREZMORE Angelina Fantasy Film CALYPSO BLUE Heat Bondable 10' T20
M01045 MOREZMORE 50 Mini Small 11 mm S-Hooks BJD Doll Spring-Hook Assembly T20
M01070 MOREZMORE Sculpting Doll Head Armature Stand SMALL 1:12 - 1:6 T20
M01206 MOREZMORE 10 Clear 12 mm Glass Dome Round Lens Cabochon Doll Eyes A60
M00511 MOREZMORE SECONDS Miniature Glass Eyes 8mm BLUE Small 8 mm Mini Doll A60
M00021 MOREZMORE Sculpey Super Slicer Set 4 Blades Polymer Clay Tool T20
Dollmore OOAK BJD Rooting tool Gold HAIR ROOTING TOOL - Ver.Thin(0.8mm)
M01098 MOREZMORE 10 Mini Small 8 mm S-Hooks BJD Doll Spring-Hook Assembly T20A
M01176x3 MOREZMORE HPA 102 Ball Joint M2 Screw 6mm Head Stop-Motion Armature
M00287 MOREZMORE Brush 'n Leaf Metallic Paint Gold Leaf Liquid Guilding T20
M00875 MOREZMORE 2 mm White Porcelain Balls Eyeballs Beads Eyes Doll Baby A60
M00103 MOREZMORE Angelina Fantasy Film MINT SPARKLE GREEN Bondable 10' T20
M00450 MOREZMORE 5 Silicone Color Shapers Clay Sculpting Tools S-2 FIRM A60
M01517 MOREZMORE Genesis Heat-Set Paints 6 Power Colors Set Survival Kit A60
1/4 Scale Miniature Acoustic Guitar W/ Case 10" Long (with Music box)
M00799 MOREZMORE 2 Brass Square Tubes Telescopic 1/16" 3/32" K&S #8149 #8150 T20
M01380 MOREZMORE 10 Clear Acrylic Dome 5mm Round Lens Cabochon Doll Eyes A60
M00705 MOREZMORE 5' Aluminum Wire 12 GA 2 mm Sculpting Doll Armature T20
M00031 MOREZMORE 1 lb Prosculpt BEIGE CAUCASIAN Doll Sculpting Polymer Clay T20
M00570 MOREZMORE Tissue Slicer Blade Polymer Clay Cane Cutter Razor Cutter T20
M00288 MOREZMORE 10' Aluminum Armature Wire 3/16" 5 mm 400350 Jack Richeson A60
M00457 MOREZMORE 2 Miniature Doll Sculpting Tools Wax Spatula #7 Pusher T20
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Getting to know Debbie Henshaw of They Never Grow Up Nursery (Photos)
It is human nature to smile while hugging a big teddy bear or to even feel “comfort” from that fuzzy innate creature. Reborn dolls can affect ... everything you can about this art before buying one single supply. The Art of Reborning is ...
Spring Swap Meet, Pokéman card competition, a cappella concerts, St. Patrick’s Day events and more happenings this weekend
Admission is $5 today and $3 Sunday. Kids younger than 12 are free with an adult. The Washington Pokemon Trading Card Game State Championships are taking place today and it’s not just for players – the family-friendly free event is open to spectators ...
Classifieds For Tuesday May 21, 2013
For more information, call toll-free 1-877-FTC-HELP ... 7:30am-5pm. Huge Sale Name Brands Great Prices! Girls NB-7, Boys NB-2T, Maternity, Adult, Twin Bed, Crib/Changing Table, High Chair, Baby Stuff, Girl's Trek 16" Bike, Toys, Spreader, Wrestling ...
Your gig guide to a great night out in Ipswich
Faces of Ipswich, a photographic exhibition featuring portraits of well-known Ipswichians, is now open at the Ipswich Art Gallery ... from antique dolls and bears, popular reborn dolls, porcelain dolls, miniatures, doll and bear making supplies, lace ...
Town devastated by fertilizer explosion is guided by the West way
Allen lives about four miles from the blast site, about as far away from it as one can be in West. Even so, it cracked the windshield of his old Chevy truck. Later on this day, we pile into his truck and head out onto a road he can't name.
Classifieds For Sunday May 19, 2013
815-561-0378 303-Antiques WANTED TO BUY: Antique corner cupboard and dry sinkÖ Also stained glass windows and oak bookcase. Call 815-562-2928 or email ñ ANTIQUES WANTED: I pay cash for antiques; furniture, glassware, pottery ...