Dolls & Bears Dolls By Brand, Company, Character Rainbow Brite
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Vintage 1980s RAINBOW BRITE 4" Hard Plastic Girl Character Toy Doll Hallmark
Rainbow Brite Patty O' Green Hallmark 18" Doll with Tag 2003
Vintage Rainbow Brite Greeting Birthday Card Maze Sprites New Unused Free Ship
Vintage Rainbow Brite Wrapping Paper Christmas 8 1/3 Sq Ft Pkg New Old Stock
Rainbow Brite Pin
Rainbow Brite Lunch Box with Thermos & Puppy Brite Plush Lot Vintage 1983
American Girls Aren't Radical Anymore
Since the company was bought ... In 2008, historical dolls that were previously considered core to the brand were "archived," the doll term for "going to a nice farm." Samantha, Kirsten and the headstrong colonial character, Felicity, are no longer sold ...
DreamWorks Animation Acquires IP For Trolls With Plans To Take Iconic Dolls' Brand (And Hair) To New Heights
She helped grow the American Girl brand into a household name and by bringing this expertise to Trolls she will introduce these characters to legions of new ... couldn't have imagined that the Troll dolls would soon become one of the biggest toy crazes ...
Madame Alexander doll company marks 90th year
“I’ve had the dolls in my store a little over 20 years,” says Mary Jo Montgomery, owner of Victoria’s Doll House in Plano. “It’s a brand everybody ... the occasion, the company has introduced limited-edition doll characters from those films.
DreamWorks Animation Acquires Troll Dolls IP
DreamWorks Animation is getting into troll dolls ... company in Denmark tried to reinvent it around 2005 under the name Trollz but it never caught on. Now they have sold the rights to DreamWorks Animation, which has been developing brands ...
How Mattel is Ruining American Girl Dolls
If you’re a daughter of the 80s or 90s, the American Girl line of dolls, accessories and books is probably near and dear to your heart. Founded in 1986, the brand initially explored historical characters ... Now the company’s identity feels as smooth ...
Disney 101 Dalmations Kohls Cares Stuffed Animal Plush 12"
Rainbow Brite Plush Sprite Champ Vintage 1983 HALLMARK 6"
1985 Rainbow Brite Coloring Book by Golden Hallmark Cards, Inc. MINT Unused
Rainbow Brite Doll 1983 - LOOK
1983 Vintage Hallmark 17" Rainbow Brite Plush Doll Hard head Canary Yellow B95
Vintage Rainbow Brite Class Valentines 15 Cards 6 Envelopes
Vintage Rainbow Brite Doll 1983
Vintage 1984 Rainbow Brite & the Brook Meadow Deer Little Golden Book
Rainbow Brite & Patty O Green Plush Stuffed Doll 9" Hallmark Mattel
Vintage Set of 3 Rainbow Brite Mini Sprites Green Canary Yellow & Twink White
Rainbow Brite 1983 Child's Umbrella with Tags; Extremely Rare
Rainbow Brite Doll 11" 1983 by Hallmark Cards Inc.
Vintage 1983 Hallmark RAINBOW BRITE 18 Inch Plush Yarn Hair Doll Mattel
Rainbow Brite Colorforms Play Set 1983 Rainbow Land Deluxe Play Set Colorforms
Vintage Rainbow Brite Doll 1983 Hallmark Mattel Bright Plush Doll 18 inches
2 Vintage Rainbow Brite Plush Sprite Dolls Free Shipping
Rainbow Brite Lot 2 Pocket Sprites Red Romeo & Blue Champ Vintage Mini 4" Plush
Vintage 1983 Hallmark RAINBOW BRITE 2 3/8" Solid Plastic PVC Figure RARE
Vintage 1983 RAINBOW BRITE Plastic Pitcher 2 Cups 2 Mugs Hallmark Toy
Vintage Rainbow Brite Doll 1983 Hallmark Mattel Bright 80's Plush Doll 10-11"
Vintage 1984 Rainbow Brite & the Brook Meadow Deer Little Golden Book
NEW IN BOX Vintage Rainbow Brite Patty O'Green 18" Inch Plush Doll 1983 80s RARE
Rainbow Brite LA LA ORANGE doll with O.J. Sprite in Box 80s RETRO VINTAGE
Rainbow Brite 1983 Lurky Plush Toy Doll Old Monster Villain Hallmark
Vintage 1984 Mattel HallMark Rainbow Brite Hatful Red Romeo Sprite 7" EUC
Vintage 1983 RAINBOW BRITE COLORFORMS Dress-Up Set - Made in USA
Vintage Rainbow Brite Doll 1983 Hallmark Mattel Bright 80's Plush Doll 11" Tall
Vintage Hallmark Rainbow Brite Birthday 8 3/4'" Scalloped 8 Count Paper Plates
Rainbow Brite Doll 1983 Hallmark / Mattel 14"
2003 HALLMARK RAINBOW BRITE 18" Plush RED BUTLER Large Doll w/ Hard Face
Rainbow Brite Starlite Horse 12" 1983 Hallmark
Vintage 1984 Rainbow Brite Dolls - Indigo Shy Violet Buddy Blue Red Butler Spark
3 Sparkle Fashions for 9-11” dolls Rainbow Brite Softina Thumbelina 1984 MOC
Rainbow Brite Glee pvc figure 1983
Rare Rainbow Brite 3" Mini Plush White Twink Sprite Stuffed Animal Doll
2003 10 Inch Toy Play Hallmark Rainbow Brite Doll
Vintage Rainbow Brite Kitty Brite cat plush 1983 Hallmark Mattel
Hallmark Rainbow Brite Doll Classic Stuffed Animals Birthday
New Vintage 1983 Dress Up Tickled Pink Rainbow Brite Bright Doll Mattel RARE
Rainbow bright brite 1983p lot with sprites and starlight plush doll
Vintage Rainbow Brite Pillowcase 1983
Rainbow Brite Ragmops Doll African American Black 1984 soft body plastic face EC
Rainbow Bright Plush Lucky Green Sprite Hallmark Stuffed Animal Vintage?
Vintage Rainbow Brite 1983 Wilton Cake Tin Pan
2009 Hallmark Rainbow Brite Doll 15" tall Vinyl plus small doll w/ horse
Rare Original 1983 Rainbow Brite Dog Puppy Brite Doll (Hallmark)
Rainbow Brite Curtain Ruffles Vintage Bright Long One Panel Fabric
Vintage 1983 Rainbow Brite Doll 11" Hallmark
Rainbow Brite & Twink Sprite 1983 New in Box
Vintage Rainbow Brite dress up doll with custom boots and headpiece
Rainbow Brite 20th Anniversary Doll Mint In Box NRFB
Vintage 1983 Rainbow Brite Doll 11" Great Condition Hallmark
vintage rainbow brite custom stormy repaint!
Colorforms Rainbow Brite Dress Up Set 1983 Complete Set in Box RARE VINTAGE toy
Rainbow Brite Hallmark 1983 Taco Bell Happy Talk Sprites SPARK
Hallmark Rainbow Brite - Magnets 15 Count MIP (1980s Doll ID M2)
Rainbow Brite San Diego Zoo Adventure Video Dealer Promo Advertising 2 pieces 
VINTAGE MATTEL RAINBOW BRITE Color Cottage House Plush Rainbow Playset w/ DOLL
Rainbow Brite INDIGO doll with HAMMY Sprite in Box 80s RETRO VINTAGE
Mattel Hallmark Rainbow Brite Baby Sprite 1985
NWT Hallmark 12" Rainbow Brite plush yellow Sprite VHTF
Vintage Rainbow Brite Green tshirt Small 80's 90's
Vintage Rainbow Brite + Red Butler Hallmark PVC Miniature Mini Figures
Rainbow Brite Flutter Sprite - Mattel - 1984 Brand New !!
rainbow brite vintage 8” doll, collector, nude, doll, used condition, hallmark
Hallmark Rainbow Brite Doll Classic Stuffed Animals Birthday
Vintage 1983 Hallmark – Rainbow Brite Doll – light Pink Hair – 16” tall
Rainbow Brite And Twink 2003 Hallmark Toy Play With DVD
Rainbow Brite Purple Sprite 1983 Girl Stuffed Plush Doll brand new w/tags in bag
Rainbow Brite Plush Stuffed Romeo Red Sprite Doll 7" Shake Taco Bell
Vintage Rainbow Brite Lurky - 1983
Vintage Rainbow Brite "i'm a fit kid" Coloring Book, Ronald Reagon 1983 Hallmark
2003 Rainbow Brite Red Butler & Romeo Sprite Dolls New in Box
Vintage 1983 Hallmark/Mattel Rainbow Starlite Horse PVC Figure 4" TALL (VIN94)
Vintage Rainbow Brite Dog
Vintage 1983 Plush Hallmark Rainbow Brite White Sprite With Hat NOS With Tags
Vintage Rainbow Brite & Twink Sprite #7233 HTF New in Box Mattel 1983 Ships FREE
Vintage 1983 Rainbow Brite Hallmark 9" Bubble Bath Soap Bottle
Rainbow Brite Stainless Steel Water Bottle Official Hallmark Summer 80s
Vintage Twin Size Rainbow Brite Sleeping Bag 1983
Vintage Rainbow Brite Doll 1983 Hallmark Mattel Bright Plush Doll WOW
Vintage Rainbow Brite Sleeping Bag
Rainbow Brite 3" Mini Plush **TWINK** Sprite Hallmark Cards Stuffed Toy
Rainbow Brite SHY VIOLET doll with I.Q. Sprite in Damaged Box 1984 Mattel NRFB
Hallmark Rainbow Brite Red Butler & Romeo Light-up Sprite & DVD Brand New
1983 RAINBOW BRITE SAILMOBILE No. 9493 Mattel NOS Unopened Vintage
Vtg Rainbow Bright White Sprite Twink 1983 Hallmark Plush Taco Bell Exclusive
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Russian grave-robber 'lived with 26 female corpses that he dressed as dolls and teddy bears'
A Russian grave-robber lived with 26 female bodies that he dressed up as dolls and teddy bears, police have discovered. Anatoly Moskvina dug up the corpses from hundreds of cemeteries and took them to his small, three-bedroom flat in Nizhny ...
Justin time for Christmas! Singer Bieber gets his own line of dolls for the festive season
The doll version of the star bears a striking resemblance to the pint-sized singer with his trademark swept forward hair style and casual clothes. Some of the dolls will include miniature instruments and a themed microphone that can also play 30 ...
Rainbow Brite's 25th Anniversary - Win an Adventure Pack CD
As a character franchise Rainbow Brite brought in over $1 billion in retail sales of dolls, toys and other licensed products throughout the 1980s. After the animated prime-time specials did so well it was even made into an animated television series.
Sexy Rainbow Brite Makeover Stomps on Childhood
Rainbow Brite has recently gotten a sexy new makeover courtesy of Hallmark (who originally introduced the little-girl superhero back in 1984). Now, the former dolls, which used to look kind of like Trolls but squatter, are far more recognizably Barbie-ish ...
Rainbow Brite Receives a Makeover
So, Rainbow Brite, that little girl icon of the 80s, received a makeover. (h/t). While the redesign was revealed a few months back, Hallmark is expected to release the dolls this month, and as the above image shows, they are going to look very different ...
Alexander Doll Co. Madame Alexander 8 Inch Collectible Rainbow Brite Doll
8" Madame Alexander doll "Jumping Rope", with blonde pigtails and blue eyes, is dressed in a multi color, pastel, silk plaid play dress with blue floral trim, with a petticoat, white step ins, and white shiny maryjanes with pink ... Rainbow Brite 15 ...