Dolls & Bears Dolls By Brand, Company, Character Sasha
Early 1966 Sasha Doll yellow eye w/ lashes wearing rare all original ski outfit 
Vintage Sasha Girl Doll/Wrist Tag and Box African American Black-Near Mint-Box!
lot of Sasha doll clothes-sweaters,top & skirt,odd slipper,shoe,sock,undershirts
2 Sasha Doll Sundresses
Gotz Trendon? Sasha Doll "Lot"
Vintage 1969 Sasha Serie Doll London NM in Original Tube w/ Original Bag
American Girls Aren't Radical Anymore
Since the company was bought ... In 2008, historical dolls that were previously considered core to the brand were "archived," the doll term for "going to a nice farm." Samantha, Kirsten and the headstrong colonial character, Felicity, are no longer sold ...
DreamWorks Animation Acquires IP For Trolls With Plans To Take Iconic Dolls' Brand (And Hair) To New Heights
She helped grow the American Girl brand into a household name and by bringing this expertise to Trolls she will introduce these characters to legions of new ... couldn't have imagined that the Troll dolls would soon become one of the biggest toy crazes ...
Madame Alexander doll company marks 90th year
“I’ve had the dolls in my store a little over 20 years,” says Mary Jo Montgomery, owner of Victoria’s Doll House in Plano. “It’s a brand everybody ... the occasion, the company has introduced limited-edition doll characters from those films.
DreamWorks Animation Acquires Troll Dolls IP
DreamWorks Animation is getting into troll dolls ... company in Denmark tried to reinvent it around 2005 under the name Trollz but it never caught on. Now they have sold the rights to DreamWorks Animation, which has been developing brands ...
How Mattel is Ruining American Girl Dolls
If you’re a daughter of the 80s or 90s, the American Girl line of dolls, accessories and books is probably near and dear to your heart. Founded in 1986, the brand initially explored historical characters ... Now the company’s identity feels as smooth ...
Vintage 1969 Sasha Serie Doll in Blue Corduroy Dress NM in Original Tube
Trendon Sasha Cora 119 Jointed Doll w/ Box Wrist Tag
Sasha Serie Doll Gingham 1970-72 Made in England Platinum Blonde w/ Tube
Vintage Trendon Sasha Brunette Doll w/ Box Wrist Tag
Vintage 1966-68 Sasha Serie Doll Kilt NM in Original Tube Made in England
Sasha Serie Brunette Girl Doll Made In England With Wrist Tag
Nude 16" Sasha Doll w/Beautiful Red Hair & Brown Eyes w/ Hangtag, England 1980s
Vintage 1960's Very Early Gotz Sasha Serie Ochre-eyed girl. Original cord dress.
Vintage 1969 Sasha Serie Doll Dungarees RARE NM in Original Tube w/ Disk
Sasha Serie Brunette Gregor Boy Doll Made In England With Wrist Tag
Sasha doll dress ensemble with pants 2 pc PINE STREET STUDIOS
Sasha Doll Dress Set by PINE STREET STUDIOS 3 pc, Shirt, Jumper & Pants
Sasha And Gregor Pale Blondes
SASHA 4-502 BABY WOOLLY Baby Boy Sexed ca.1970 Trendon Ltd.Stockport England
MIB Gotz Sasha Baby Girl ANDREA Doll Rare 1996 Red Hair Dark Tan Germany 40203
Rare Trendon Sasha Gregor Sandy Hiker 330E Doll Box Wrist Tag Accessories Mint
Gotz Sasha Serie 12" Asian baby doll: LIKE (LE 500) with tags & tube ~ EUC
Gotz Sasha Red Hair Kyra Doll Blue Eyes Rare MIB 2000 Germany Dark Tan 08028
2 Vintage Serie Sasha Dolls Made In England
Sasha Doll in Red Dress MIB Made in England
Gotz Sasha Serie 13" jointed toddler doll: ELKE with tags & tube ~ EUC
Gotz 2nd German Production Sasha Doll Winterwear Outfit Mint in Package
Sasha Doll Dress and Pinafore
Sasha Boy Gregor 16 1/2" doll
SASHA 501 BABY ROSIE GIRL Doll Ca1983/86 Trendon Ltd.Stockport England
Trendon Sasha Doll PINK PARTY ensemble 3 pc MINTY in box
Vintage 17" Sasha Gregor Denim BOY Doll with Wrist Tag BRUNETTE Serie England
16" Sasha Doll White Dress With Tights and Shoes ~ #204 Circa 1979
VTG Sasha Black Baby Doll in Factory Sealed Package, Unopened & Pristine!
SASHA DOLL #117S SILK SARI Morganthaler 1986 Trendon 500 produced
Sasha Doll in Pink Dress NMIB 1980 w/ Brochure & Hair Care Instructions
Orig MIB 1970s SASHA DOLL # 508 WHITE BIRD Made in ENGLAND by Trendon
Vintage GOTZ No Navel SKI Sasha Doll 69/70 In Original Box with wrist tag
Vintage Sasha Gregor Doll Clothes 1960s-1970s #803 Pajamas/Robe/Slippers
Vintage 1968 Tiny Eyed Fringe Blonde Sasha
Rare VTG Sasha Doll Blonde Long Dress #105 Serie Made in England
Gotz 2nd German Production Sasha Gregor Doll 1996 NRFB
Sasha Doll Marina MIB w/ Brochure Made in England
Vintage Sasha Vinyl Fashion Doll Platinum Blue Eyes 15" Doll
LOT of clothing made for Gregor by various dressmakers
16" Vintage Sasha Doll Blonde In School Clothes,Tag,
Sasha Doll Dress
2 Sasha Doll Sundresses REDUCED!!!
LOT of autumn clothing made for Sasha by various dressmakers
Sasha Doll Hand Knit Sweater and Slacks
Vintage Sasha Boy Doll/Wrist Tag and Box African American Black-Near Mint-Box!
Hard To Find Sasha Stine Doll With Tags and Tube
Sasha Doll Dress
LOT of spring and summer clothing made for Sasha by various dressmakers
Sasha Baby Doll MIB Made in England Gregor Baby Nightdress NRFB
Fancy Lace-up White Ice Skates Real Metal Blades. 2-7/16" L Fit Sasha
Sasha Doll Dress
Gotz Sasha Serie Stella 16.5" Doll w/ Tags Tube 0008230 German Mint
Gotz 2nd German Production Sasha Doll Barbara/Babette Red Hair Mint in Tube
Sasha Doll Pattern Book
Gotz Sasha Serie Esther 13" Jointed Toddler Doll Tags Tube 0042002 German
Vintage Sasha Gregor Fair Jump Suit 304 Doll in original box, corduroy, blonde 
MINT in Tube GOTZ Sasha BABY Doll BIANCA w/ all tags
Gotz 2nd German Production Sasha Like Doll Asian Baby LE 500 Mint in Orig Tube
Gotz 2nd German Production Sasha Alek Doll Eskimo Baby LE 500 Mint in Orig Tube
Sasha Doll Hand Knit Sweater and Hat
Vintage 1969 Sasha Serie Doll Gregor London NM in Original Tube Made in England
Sasha doll re-root pure blond natural curly
RARE Sasha PRINCESS Doll England with wrist tag, COA & Box 186A Limited Edition
Vintage Moni Doll Mini Sasha look alike Brunette Hair Girl Floral Dress
2 Baby Sasha Doll Sun Sets
Solid BLACK Tights Doll Clothes For 16"- 17" Sasha (Debs)
Sasha doll re-root by llana.dolls
SASHA DOLL OUTFIT gardening smock and shorts & scarf THE LITTLE GARDENER
Sasha doll clothes dress and panties vintage original see photos!
Trendon Sasha Light Brown Hair Velvet 180 Doll w/ Box Certificate Limited
Sasha Doll Sweater and Hat Set
Trendon Sasha Serie Gregor Dark Sport 16" Doll w/ Box England
Gorgeous 1970/71 Gingham SASHA 16" Doll-Center Part-So Sweet!
Sasha Doll Sun Dress
Wonderful 16" Vintage Sasha Doll #301 GREGOR DARK, JEANS in Box,Made In UK
Sasha Doll Dress and Matching Panties
Vintage Sasha Morgenthaler Blonde school girl made in England #114s
MIB Gotz Sasha Baby Boy MAX Doll Rare 12" 1998 Denim Dungarees Germany 40209
Vintage Sasha Gregor Fair Jump Suit 304 Doll in original box
Limited Edition Sasha Eskimo Doll Allan -Gorgeous Boy With Tags and Tube
Sasha Baby Doll MIB Made in England Baby Playsuit 1973-79 w/ Basket
MINT in Tube GOTZ Sasha BABY Doll KARIN w/ all tags Karin 00-40215.
Gotz Sasha Yamka 16.5" Jointed Doll Tags Tube 0108032 German Limited #283 of 500
Sasha Doll, Red Dress Brunette Waif, c1970s Trendon, England
Sasha Doll Baby, Sexed, Brunette,Flecked Cords (60s?) with Outfit 
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Sasha And Malia Dolls "Inappropriate," Michelle Obama Says
UPDATE 2/3: The "Marvelous Malia" and "Sweet Sasha" dolls that upset First Lady Michelle ... First lady Michelle Obama is not pleased about the marketing of a pair of dolls that bear the same names as her daughters. "We believe it is ...
Beanie Babies new Sasha and Malia dolls: Coincidental likeness or offensive exploitation?
A popular toy company is hoping to make First Daughters Sasha and Malia Obama their first cash cows of 2009 — without permission from the White House. Ty Inc., the company that makes Beanie Babies, is now marketing plush dolls named "Sweet ...
First Lady makes Sasha and Malia dolls 'retire'
The company which makes the popular Beanie Babies has succumbed to pressure from the First Lady Michelle Obama and has decided to ‘retire’ the dolls named “Marvelous Malia” and “Sweet Sasha” from its Ty Girlz collection. While the Malia and ...
Michelle Obama Pissed About Sasha and Malia Dolls
Ty, Inc. likely hoped controversy would stoke sales of its Sasha and Malia dolls, preposterously claimed unrelated to the president's daughters. But the company overshot: you do not cross the First Lady. Ty is the company behind the once-wildly-popular ...
Beanie Babies maker renames Sasha, Malia dolls
The company that makes the popular Beanie Babies is retiring the names "Marvelous Malia" and "Sweet Sasha" from its Ty Girlz ... in our nation's history," but he said the dolls were not intended to bear the likeness of President Barack Obama's ...
Ty Inc. selling Sasha, Malia dolls
Ty Inc., maker of Beanie Babies, released "Sweet Sasha" and "Marvelous Malia" dolls earlier this month as part of its ... have a right to control the manufacture of merchandise that bears their likeness. But he said in the case of political figures ...